Handbell Podcast Season 8 Show 3 – Interview with: Nancy Kirkner – Recorded 3/5/2013


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Interview with:  Nancy Kirkner

  • Bio:
    Nancy Kirkner is a solo handbell artist based in Seattle.  One
    of only a few actively performing concert handbell soloists in the
    country, she specializes in classical music and is known for her grace
    and elegance.  Nancy learned to ring in 1999 and began performing as a
    soloist in 2007.  Handbells were her first instrument.  She currently
    studies piano and musicianship with Janet Anderson, percussion with
    Miho Takekawa, and ballet with Jennifer Carroll.  She also trains
    handbell musicians, lectures about the instrument to community groups,
    and writes articles about handbells at her website solobells.com.
    Nancy has performed as a handbell soloist at Benaroya Hall (for
    Seattle Symphony’s Day of Music), Seattle Art Museum, Asian Art
    Museum, Frye Art Museum, Seattle Public Library, Wenatchee Performing
    Arts Center, Redmond Festival of Lights, and numerous other venues.
    Nancy and her performing partner Janet Anderson are on the roster of
    auditioned musicians for Ladies Musical Club (LMC), Seattle’s oldest
    performing arts organization.  Nancy has served on the LMC board of
    directors and is currently its YouTubist.
    Nancy belongs to Handbell Musicians of America (formerly AGEHR) and
    the Handbell Industry Council.  She is married to John Vice, also a
    handbell musician, who is a retired engineer.  Nancy worked as a CPA
    before retiring to spend time on music and travel.
    Website www.solobells.com Facebook: Handbell soloist Nancy Kirkner Email Nancy@solobells.com
  • Questions
    • Tell us a little about yourself and how you started in Handbells
    • What are you currently doing with Handbells
    • When you are not playing/directing/composing what do you like to do?
    • What is your current Handbell Project/Product/Group?
    • Are you working on any CDs, DVDs, Arrangements, Compositions or other product?
    • If you could change one aspect of the Handbell world…what would you change?

Talk about the blog articles on solobells.com – what and why

Tell us about the classes you're teaching at National

What are your guiding principles as a musician? (This would be a

good question to ask right after what aspect of the handbell world I

would change.)

Who is the handbell musician you admire most?

The Downton Abbey Connection

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